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While the Fiesta Communities Mexico offers affordable housing, it does not skimp on offering some of the best facilities and amenities for its residents. Homeowners get to enjoy the safety and security, recreational and security features that are only commonly offered by expensive housing developments.One of the notable features of this community is its beautiful open areas where you can find some of the recreational facilities and amenities, parceling spaces, homeowner’s offices, playgrounds, pocket gardens and more.

The Fiesta Communities Mexico has designed the community to be family-friendly and people of all ages can easily find a facility or amenities that meet their recreational needs.For kids, there are safe and well-maintained playgrounds and play stations where they can laugh, run and expend their high energy with other kids. These areas are the favorite areas of school-aged kids and parents with small children.

For teens and adults, there are basketball courts where residents get to meet regularly for friendly tournaments. Playing basketball before or after office hours is also a good form of exercise. There are also facilities at the First Communities Mexico which promote physical fitness. Among them are the jogging paths along landscaped open spaces and pocket gardens. There is also outdoor gym equipment for those who want to do more rigid exercise routines.

Benches, gazebos and picnic tables are also among the amenities at the Fiesta Communities Mexico that will help you unwind. These are placed in various open spaces within the community to help you unwind and relax. Moreover, they also have an open-air multi-purpose hall where you can hold small gatherings and other activities.

It is also worth mentioning that all roads in the village are concrete with complete traffic safety markings, curbs and gutters. Navigating these streets even at nighttime will not be a problem as they are well-lighted and have reflectorized street signs. Additionally, the Fiesta Communities Mexico has underground storm drainage and water piping systems that help achieve a flood-free community.

On top of all these nice facilities and amenities, homeowners also get to enjoy privacy and safety as the security officers are available 24/7. There is also a high concrete perimeter fence which protects the entire vicinity. Also, there are guarded entrances and exits to discourage bad elements from coming in.

At the Fiesta Communities Mexico, homeowners get to enjoy different facilities and amenities that are typically available only in higher end housing developments. From the wide concrete roads, security and safety, and relaxation and entertainment, residents will be able to enjoy a family-friendly and sustainable community.

  • Jogging Path
  • Basketball Court
  • Outdoor Gym Equipments
  • Bayanihan Hall
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